ten days that shook the university - the situationists at Strasbourg

situationist international, London 1967

Translated into English from the French "De la misère en milieu étudiant" (1966)
Facsimile of the original London 1967 edition

The English-language edition offered an annotated and slightly adapted translation of the original French text, along with an introductory note and a postscript entitled "If You Make a Social Revolution, Do It for Fun" (a détournement of D.H. Lawrence). It was illustrated by panels from André Bertrand's comic strip "Le retour de la colonne Durutti", first published as a poster in Strasbourg in late October 1966 (shortly before "De la misère en milieu étudiant").
The S.I.'s English translation was largely produced by T.J. Clark and Donald Nicholson-Smith in Paris, along with the framing text. They were assisted by other situationists, notably by Christopher Gray and Charles Radcliffe in London, who were also in charge of the pamphlet's physical production.